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O.K got the mosh yesterday. Been up assembling it. First off its a sound build and very smooth,I did not need to tweak anything for fluid movement. The hydro frame is sweet! The welds are very nice. Battery is well made and fits nicely as the contacts are protected. The only flaw I can find is a few burnished marks on the powder coat(believe its from shipping movement) not a deal breaker as I plan to use this baby.Overall thee nicest bike I ever assembled out of a box.Yes I have adult kids now and built many higher end makes when they were kids.Its comes out of Taiwan not China hence the better build quality. Some say "that ain't no harley its foreign. " Kawasaki is Harleys parent company now.Harley davidson has been using foreign parts on there skoots since the 70's that I am aware.keep that Harley conection guys you gotta killer machine that reflects modern times. I am sure that H-D had these materials available at the time the O.G. 1was built it would have been this machine.Nice job guys and gals😎😎😎,P.S all my bikes have been;) stabled inside the house...The tools included are nice keepers too👍👍👍


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