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So far so good. I’ve been getting 50-60 miles from a charge on the 706 battery. Average speed is in the mid 19mph running in ECO (25%) mode with bumps up to Tour (45%). Commuter duty is what it’s set up for. 10 miles each way unless I have an errand on the way home. Every other night the battery gets topped off.
The ride is smooth and stable. It’s not as nimble as my Singlespeed commuter, an old Diamondback Cross Country, but it’s predictable.
Things I don’t like include the drivetrain. I can’t stand up and pedal on hills with the assist on. It surges on the downstroke and it’s hard to maintain tempo. So climbing is done seated. The other is when I turn the assist off there’s a distinct drag from something when coasting. It’s likely in the hub and it’s annoying. If I turn the Brose off completely the drag goes away but then the CVT doesn’t work and it’s tremendously undergeared.
With no need to drive to work and no desire to pay big bucks at the pump the Cty Speed is the right tool for the job until I drop a few pounds and increase my fitness. Then I’ll be be on my non-energized bikes.
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