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I'm wondering when we will be seeing accessories Serial 1 & aftermarket for these bikes.
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I’ve been trying to get a replacement front fender (trying to stay stock) and support says check back in a few months. That was 6 months back. Also want an extra battery. Seems like everything is going into full builds.
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JoeG, what happened to your front fender?
A crash into a bollard on a bike path it broke a support strut and bent up the others, a portion of the fender was broke off as well making it unusable.
sorry no pics as the girlfriend was the rider and was in distress, I made a beeline for home to get my truck.
She’s was okay after a day of rest.
Seats and seat post suspension are upgrades... but things like water bottle holders are essential!
I feel Serial 1 completely overlooked this necessity. I am considering front stem suspension if something like Kinetic can be adapted to the Serial 1.
I saw an article about this Cannondale bike it has very slick water bottle mounts on the head tube and is an elegant solution for step-thru bikes this could easily be adopted by S1 for all the bikes.
I had this Cannondale e-bike on my radar but could never find it for sale on there web site.
It is a very similar bike to my S1 step-thrus. I would have bought it had Cannondale had it for sale.
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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