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Brose Display Range not accurate?

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I have a RushCity and when I fully charge the battery the ECO mode displays 12 miles, TOUR displays 24 Miles, SPORT displays 12 miles, and BOOST displays 24 miles. Is it not function, or am I not understanding how to use it?
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yeah, the projected range is less accurate than Helen Keller playing Pin the tail on the Donkey. After a conversation with a Serial 1 employee it was suggested that the bar graph on the display was a more reliable predictor of available assist. I've discovered that I get a fairly reliable range based on my riding metrics. The variables to consider are route, wind direction, elevation/grade changes and weight carried by the bike (rider and bags). I've been getting a consistent 50 miles from a charge with the assist toggling through all the levels. I've set my assists at 20-40-70-100 at 60 rpms. I'm usually rolling at 21mph in ECO early content with making it to work on time. I usually have roughly 15# of cargo with work clothes and lunch. Sometimes I'll have paperwork for meetings but that's a pound or two at most.

So the adage "your mileage may vary" is true. I don't think Serial 1 is the only manufacturer experiencing this. I think individuals need to adapt to the limitations of the system. Hopefully the bike they've chosen is up to the task.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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