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Brose Power Settings

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OK, so today I dug into the Brose settings, mostly to fix the clock. Now I understand more.

The factory settings are:

Eco: 15%
Tour: 25%
Sport: 50%
Boost: 100%

This is why I wasn't using Eco, it was not adding much of anything.

So I reconfigured it to:
Eco: 25%
Tour: 50%
Sport: 75%
Boost: 100%

I am now riding on all power levels. Eco on flat ground for more exercise.
Tour is my new default setting, and I just leave it there when I don't want to think about the power settings and just ride.

I like Sport at 75% for short bursts and Boost on the big hills.
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So I reconfigured it to
How did you reconfigure it? Is there a Brose app? I cannot seem to find one. Or is it though the controller on the bike? If so, I cannot do this as I have a Mosh.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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