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So I decided to take the S1 up our local hill named "Gibaltar". The climb profile looks like the pic below, 3,600 feet of continuous climbing, followed by a ride along the mountain top for 12 miles and then a descent. This ride was designed to test the motor, the battery and the brakes.


Now that I had adjusted my Brose to have Tour be 50% power, that was my setting for the entire climb, with cadence at 80, which is better for the slope.
The average grade was 5.5% for the climb. At the top at mile 12.2 there was 40% battery remaining (thanks to finding the battery percentage setting in the Brose setup).


I then rode about 12 more miles on mostly flat terrain. At the end of those 12 miles, the battery was 13%. Still good, and I wanted to see if I could deplete the battery.

On the descent, I used both brakes equally and maintained speed at about 25 MPH. I ended the ride with 10% battery. Overall, it was a successful ride.

I got a good amount of exercise. It never felt hard, but I was working which was good. My impression of this bike is that it has great road feel and driver response. This is to me a sport bike, fun and lively. It amplifies my riding efforts in a good way, almost like a road bike does, but with the added distance you get from an ebike.
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