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I've been riding a Trek Super Commuter 8S class 3 pedalec for a few years... pretty darn nice, but, it was a bike i bought used and was a tad too big for me. I decked it out with suspension = kinetic seat post and kinetic handle bar stem - but too big is too big.

My Serial 1 speed assembled just fine EXCEPT one of the RIVNUTS on the inside of the carbon fork which is the front fender strut attachment point, was not fully compressed properly installed, making the front fender attachment impossible until a repair is made.

My wife has a Riese Muller Nevo class 3 pedalec with the Intuvia / Inviolo hub with grip shift. But I'm not so sure about my Automatiq Inviolo? How do you folks feel about it?

Otherwise a beautiful bike and I can see Serial 1 coming out with a full suspension bike in the future.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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