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The intelligent automatic shifting technology delivers an unmatched riding experience. Riders simply set up the desired cadence, and the stepless automatic technology will automatically adjust the gear ratio so you are always pedaling at the same pace, even on a hill. This means less time focusing on constant adjustments and more time enjoying the ride.


Our Enviolo CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) hub is found on our RUSH/CTY STEP THRU, RUSH/CTY, and RUSH/CTY SPEED models. Please first read and follow the App Connection & Hub Updates article before moving forward.

Video Summary:
This video may help with a quick overview on setting adjustments. More details on adjustment settings can be found below in the document.
After connecting to your bike via Bluetooth, your device should show the home screen with four navigation tiles: Configuration, Diagnostics, Logistics, and Dashboard. In order to adjust your Enviolo hub configuration, first press "Configuration".
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Adjusting Configuration Settings

The configuration page allows you to change your hub's settings in order to tailor your hub's shifting behavior to your own personal preferences. There are multiple settings that can be adjusted to fit your riding needs.

  • Ride Mode: There are three ride modes which change the shifting behavior of your bike.
    • Sport Mode: The most responsive shifting mode, Sport Mode immediately shifts when the rider's cadence falls outside of the target cadence set in the "preferred cadence" setting. This shifting is best for mountainous or hilly conditions where immediate responsiveness in the shifting is necessary. However, because the hub will shift as soon as it detects that the rider is not pedaling at the target cadence, it often leads to the feeling of the legs "spinning" when moving from a standing start.
    • Comfort Mode: Comfort mode provides a greater lag between rider input and shifting performance than sport mode. When the rider's pedaling cadence falls outside of the target cadence, the hub doesn't shift right away, but gives the rider some time to reach the target cadence. This often feels more natural to riders, who are not accustomed to the speed of shifting that a CVT offers, because it leads to a spin-up from a standing start that is more similar to traditional bicycles.
    • Eco Mode: Reduces the amount of energy used by the Enviolo hub by shifting less often. This mode is best used only when trying to save battery life or in very flat conditions without a lot of starting and stopping.
  • My Settings: This changes the color of the text in your Enviolo app.
  • Units Systems:This changes the units measurements
    • Imperial is recommended for US riders
    • Metric is recommended for European riders
  • Operations Mode: Changes the shifting of the bike to Automatic or Manual
    • Automatic (factory and recommended setting)
    • Manual: Allows you to manually shift the bike using your Enviolo App. Go back to your homepage and click on Dashboard. At the bottom half of the screen you will see an "up" arrow that if clicked will manually shift your bike up a gear. There are 9 manual gears. You can also change gears by using the "Manual Gear" setting below.
      • Note that manual mode can override certain settings in your app such as "Ride Modes" and "Desired Cadence"
  • Type of Internal Gear Hub: This is an internal setting that cannot be changed on a Serial 1 eBike. This setting should read "SP". If the hub needs to be calibrated, this setting will read "Uncalibrated"
  • Manual Gear: (Only used when the bike's operation mode is set to Manual.) Used to choose the gear you wish to start out in when riding in Manual mode.
  • Desired Cadence:RPM (Rotations Per Minute) is used to calculate how many rotations (full pedal cycles) you pedal per minute. The setting ranges from 30 RPM to 120 RPM. The slower the cadence, the more power you will have to put into your pedaling to achieve the same speed. Most customers' preferred cadences fall between 50-80 RPMs.
    • **Note that a higher cadence riding makes pedaling up steep hills or trails easier while lower cadence settings are more desired on flat ground or downhill riding.
  • Cadence Increment: This setting allows you to more easily change the Desired Cadence by making changes in increments of 1 RPM or 5 RPM.
  • Gear Ratio at Start of Ride: (Also known as the traffic light ratio.) This determines the gear ratio when beginning pedaling from a stop. This setting ranges from 0.50-1.20. The average customer will usually stay between 0.70-0.90. Riders carrying heavier loads (like cargo) may choose to go lower than the recommend settings to help ease their startup.
  • Disconnect Device: Will disconnect your phone's connectivity to the bike.
  • Transfer Data: Used to update your Enviolo hub when needed (recommended to keep setting "On")
  • Scan QR Code: Used to scan Enviolo QR code located by the Enviolo serial number on the bike.
  • Update to Firmware: R45: If your Enviolo Hub needs updating, then this button will appear, if no update is needed, this setting will disappear.
  • Calibrate Hub Interface or "Re-calibrate Hub Interface": Used in situations when your bike is not shifting or not shifting properly. Please read our article on Calibration.