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I have a 10.5 mile ride to work, and have run-out of juice getting there and back.

Today I dialed the boost down to 25%, and was still pushing 19.5mph the whole way there (because I was running late). I used 44% of my battery in 10.5 miles (4.2% per mile). Temps were a bit below freezing.

Then I rode normal-speed on the way home, mostly 16mph. Temps were a bit above freezing. That only used 30%. I think the 3mph lower speed made more difference than the temps.

So, I think at 25% boost, I should be good for 21 miles of riding, around freezing temps, provided I bring the battery in to warm it at work.

We’ll have to wait and see how it does at 10F or -10F, but so far, it’s looking good!
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