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Is It Time to Change your Pedals?

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It may be time to change your pedals if it has missing reflectors or if you can grasp a pedal and rock it up and down. In some cases, with each crank rotation, a pedal with up and down free play, may intermittently squeak.

Using a 15mm open end wrench, remove your left pedal, opposite of the chain sprocket, by turning the 9/16 nut fitting clockwise. To remove your right pedal, turn the 9/16 nut fitting counterclockwise. When installing universal fit pedals, that include thread adapters, note that each 9/16 thread adapter and pedal is labeled left, (L) or right, (R). Select the appropriate thread adapter and pedal and proceed to install it in its corresponding side.


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I found the stock pedals to be slippery when they got wet so I replaced them with some boomslang‘s with pins that enable grip between shoe and pedal at all times.
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I got my S1 in December, so thus far, I've been riding with Kahtoola Micro Spikes on my boots... and those grip the pedals as well as having spikes on the pedals. With the added benefit that you can put your foot down when the bike slides-out, and not "lose it."
I wear Ice Bugs during winter here on the shoulder seasons which is when we’re going through thaws during the day and freezing nights, it just gets icy in many places, but once winter settles and we get dump after dump of snow it’s back to some really good boots with toe warmers since I’m mostly riding groomed multiuser trails.
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