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Is It Time to Change your Pedals?

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It may be time to change your pedals if it has missing reflectors or if you can grasp a pedal and rock it up and down. In some cases, with each crank rotation, a pedal with up and down free play, may intermittently squeak.

Using a 15mm open end wrench, remove your left pedal, opposite of the chain sprocket, by turning the 9/16 nut fitting clockwise. To remove your right pedal, turn the 9/16 nut fitting counterclockwise. When installing universal fit pedals, that include thread adapters, note that each 9/16 thread adapter and pedal is labeled left, (L) or right, (R). Select the appropriate thread adapter and pedal and proceed to install it in its corresponding side.


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If you don’t need to pull your feet off the pedals quickly (like when mountain biking) I prefer SPD clipless pedals. They hold your foot in position and you can pull up on the pedal and walk in the shoes.
Spikes on pedals helps for grip but if they are big you run the risk of cutting your leg when your feet are on the ground and your pushing the bike.
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So this is kind of a pedal thread, so I’m adding this here. I took a long ride today but forgot to bring my SPD shoes. I really like the clipless pedal setup on my Mosh city. Found out that I really hate normal shoes on a straight non-mountain bike trail. I found the sides of my heals kept hitting a frame member. The clipless pedals keeps everything aligned. Never had this with any other bike I have.
I do think normal pedals would be best for rooted windy trails.
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