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Is It Time to Change your Pedals?

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It may be time to change your pedals if it has missing reflectors or if you can grasp a pedal and rock it up and down. In some cases, with each crank rotation, a pedal with up and down free play, may intermittently squeak.

Using a 15mm open end wrench, remove your left pedal, opposite of the chain sprocket, by turning the 9/16 nut fitting clockwise. To remove your right pedal, turn the 9/16 nut fitting counterclockwise. When installing universal fit pedals, that include thread adapters, note that each 9/16 thread adapter and pedal is labeled left, (L) or right, (R). Select the appropriate thread adapter and pedal and proceed to install it in its corresponding side.


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Split the difference and get campus pedals - SPD on one side and platform with pins on the other. That's what I use on my non-electric bikes👍😁
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