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I did a test ride of the Mosh and Rush City yesterday and liked both, I want the display screen and fenders\racks so the City works better for me. I did my research\home work and understand the technology and how the bike works, but I am trying to decide between the City vs City Speed. About a $600 difference but I'd rather spend that on accessories (lock, bags, etc.) if I will not be able to use the additional speed capability of the Speed on a regular basis.

I was able get to 20 mph fairly easy (according to the display) on the City and felt that way on the Mosh, I felt I could go a bit faster not sure about getting to 28 mph and maintaining that speed. So is the extra for the Class 3 worth it for my situation (90% of riding will be bike trails)? Any advice is appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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