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Not surprised, Serial1 drops in value.

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So just like I said after, serial1 backstabbed gen1 owners. Prices have plummeted by 50%.
So are you guys still defending Serial1’s garbage business practices?
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Actually, at the price point Best Buy is selling for past week. It is coming closer to the right price and value. If serial1 offer supply of replacement parts and accessories that fit the needs and style, this could win majority market share in USA, where denial of safe ride in town is practically non existent, there is no point of users to make larger ticket investment in bicycle.
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Best Buy is selling again at a heavy discount. it is weird that they change price frequently for serial1.

These are all black. Did they buy too many blacks than other colors? is the black color of a bike a serious safety hazard that people do not buy?
I’ve also been following. I think those are the Gen 1 which are a bit outdated in tech and do not use the Serial 1 app.
Tech is not outdated, I checked websites of Brose and enviolo, which are the only components that make bicycle and Ebike. It still has Bluetooth connection that is because of Brose controllers. So, if serial1 app, enviolo app and Brose app can connect via Bluetooth in Gen1 it should not have a problem updating features in serial1 app.
IMHO even if management & Techs at serial1 are upto something entirely new, they can still provide current features in gen2, but they are not doing that and not explaining to buyers of gen1.

still, I won’t mind buying gen1 serial1 at 50% discount (which is matching and even beating most competition in Northern America because $2000 is hefty and you can buy those extra features from aftermarket or save for next Ebike in couple of years.
Bicycles are not that complicated technology that most owners can won’t understand and not as expensive as cars and motorcycles.
IMHO gen1 serial1 is still better than those generic brands with hub motors being sold in $2000+, better or matching those brands with mid drive motors (better range, better configuration, belt drive and aesthetics. Even if serial1 never supply replacement or extra battery, brose dealers or some aftermarket mechanic is likely to fix that problem because Brose is a global automobile component manufacturer.
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