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Not surprised, Serial1 drops in value.

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So just like I said after, serial1 backstabbed gen1 owners. Prices have plummeted by 50%.
So are you guys still defending Serial1’s garbage business practices?
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60%?! Dang, lol.

The 50% sales price ended at Best Buy. Still on sale, but more comparable to what you'd expect for a discounted older model.
“Older” model - just paint color, right? What’s changed on the build specs?
It doesn't have the hardware needed for app and Google cloud connectivity (and also no USB charging port). It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it effectively means that the first gen is obsolete. People are pretty upset because they were led to believe that an app was coming (it was), but they didn't tell anyone that their $4-$5.5k, under 1 year old bikes, wouldn't support it.
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There are screenshots where people wrote to Serial 1 about the app, and they were simply told that it was coming soon with no indications that it would not be compatible with the then current generation. So the actual company - not dealers with secondhand knowledge, perpetuated the idea that the app would be applicable to existing users by not correcting any misconceptions. In fact, they're still flaky on it. On the page that mentions the app: Serial 1 App ; it says nothing about not being compatible with the previous generation. People who aren't actively researching and following Serial 1 would not know the difference between Gen 1 and 2 (as evident from the above).

It's not a matter of simply being obsolete. In the grand scheme of things, it screws over early adopters and it doesn't speak well for the company and how they perceive their customers. It is obsolete because it is abandoned as a platform. Obsolete doesn't necessarily mean useless. A bike is a bike - a 20 year old bike will have it's uses. Obsolete means: "no longer produced or used; out of date. ", or "cause (a product or idea) to be or become obsolete by replacing it with something new. " Both of which is true in this case - Serial 1 just isn't being very transparent about it.

Also, while it's awesome that you love your bike and don't care about the app, the truth of the matter is that it's a big selling point. All the big name bikes offer a very complete package and experience. Route planning, GPS tracking, remote locking and monitoring - these are amazing life of quality features. Now it is truly a $5.6k bike.

What's a true kick in the gonads is the fire sale pricing - it shows that they've really abandoned it, instead of potentially offering an upgrade path to existing owners. I imagine it's as simple as replacing the controller with the updated connectivity-enable controller and snake a couple additional wires through the frame.

Alas, I rant. I love the bike (Rush/CTY Speed), but I am not liking the company.
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The super sale was short-lived - hope people who wanted in got in!

The fender racks are super practical and I think the size of the fenders make the bike look super clean. On the flip side, without the fenders, you can probably install X-Plus key compatible frame locks from Abus (to share the same key with your glove box and battery). The only one that the Rush/Cty with fenders is not compatible with X-Plus keys :(
FYI: It looks like someone else here has already found a frame lock that fits - check out this thread: Security?
Yeah, that is what I was referring to - that XL frame lock uses it's own key and can't be keyed to others: ABUS 4750XL Pro Amparo Frame Lock
The biggest X-Plus compatible frame lock is probably the 5755L, which I printed out to scale, traced it on a piece of cardboard and did a mock installation. Nope, definitely does not fit (with the fenders). Without the fenders though, it likely will.
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