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Not surprised, Serial1 drops in value.

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So just like I said after, serial1 backstabbed gen1 owners. Prices have plummeted by 50%.
So are you guys still defending Serial1’s garbage business practices?
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Wow they finally dropped the price on the old bikes. Great time to get an ebike on the cheap. Wish I would have waited a year. Oh well we’ll still enjoy riding our old bikes.
People are pretty upset because they were led to believe that an app was coming (it was), but they didn't tell anyone that their $4-$5.5k, under 1 year old bikes, wouldn't support it.
It seems only people purchasing from an actual dealer were promised an app to follow some months later. I believe dealers didn’t know or were led to believe that an app would work with the 1st gen bikes.
I preordered 2 Step-Thru’s on their website back in January 2021, and there was nothing on their website promising that an app would be coming someday in the future. I can understand people being mad about that if they were promised an app would be coming. So to me my bikes are still worth what I paid back then and not obsolete. I don’t plan on selling them ever. I’m gonna ride them and ride them, besides not everyone needs an app to as they say ‘enjoy the ride‘
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1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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