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First eBikes, very impressed, have now assembled 4 ( +friends based on my recommendation)...seems these bikes are intended to be assembled at a bike shop but if you have an assistant to steady the bike and take time not to strip any bolt's should be about an hour per bike... front fender 3 bolts are snug...note one peddle is threaded opposite of Righty Tighty using Allen tool reaching from inside of crank.

To me safety is key as you'll find yourself able/ wanting to go farther, longer...20+ miles, hills, wind in just over an hour no problem, not try to plan longer trips and avoid busy roads. We bought flashing red reflectors, shock absorber seat post and saddles, side mirror and rear rack packs for starters.

We recalibrated Cadence on Enviolo hub app to 45-50 rpm most comfortable, most peddle torque and able to exceed 30mph downhill, higher rpm felt spinning to me. I did have a technical issue when hub cable disconnected but S1 tech support has been excellent so far.

These S1 eBikes are a game changer for us.
(Notice the HD "1" sticker)


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