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does anyone have a complete list of spare parts for Rush CTY?

For example
  • brake disc
  • brake pads
  • tires
  • rims
  • etc...

Greetings from Germany
No, havent asked them.
There is nowhere you can read about the specifications (Brand and version) of the parts used in Serial1 ebikes and that's very unusual because all other brands do it.
My ebike has been in the shop where I bought it for more than a month and they need to know the specifications on a certain part since it was mounted wrong (the bar that go through the rear axle had no threads left) and confirmed that such a list is not available.

Pretty odd I would say.

I also have to change the motor and that have to be done directly with Brose.
My dealer is doing all that they can to help me out (doubt they will continue selling ebike) even lending me a Rush while waiting so they are great which I not can say about Serial1.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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