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I am new to ebiking, so I bought a few basic/cheap hub drive bikes (Biktrix, Sondors and 2 M2S) for 2 houses.
Have known I would want a better machine but have been having fun on these.

Have nearly bought a few nice chain drive bikes, but, figured I'd ride what I have and think more.

Then saw these.
Lower+centered weight and belt+cvt and hidden cables all appeal.

Then, it is kinda a first of breed Harley, which is fun.

I also have a Speed coming. 2 houses, will not need to bike rack my toys...
just maybe my wife's bike.

You should Adwords "Serial1" and serial1 bikes and serial1 ebikes (exact) searches for like 2-5 cents a click to drum up some interest here :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts