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View and share Serial 1 eBike owner reviews here. Looking forward to what everyone reports!

Here's some that Serial 1 shared in a recent email.


Took delivery of my RUSH/CTY today. I had it shipped to and assembled by Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson. Glad I did, excellent service and communication.”

Denver, CO

It’s the most luxurious bike I’ve ever experienced. I love the way it looks, it’s very sleek, modern, simple and it rides smoothly. It goes up hills like a breeze…you fly right up…it is wonderful. To be able to ride anywhere with these is really great.”

Gig Harbor, WA


A super cool bike”


It’s the most luxurious bike. Commuting to work was never better than now thanks to my Serial 1 RUSH/CTY!”

Watertown, NY

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What I love is no chain to oil, no derailleur to adjust, a CVT and internally routed everything makes for a great looking bike. It smooth riding and just so much fun. Definitely put a smile on our faces. You can even hit some flowing dirt trails with no worries. Even the stock saddle is comfortable. The tires seem fairly durable and have good grip, I have ran over busted glass on bike paths on more than one occasion and yet to flat.
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