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A couple of new first ride reviews have come out for Serial 1.

The Verge

One of the things that really surprised me was how well the bikes handled off-road, especially considering Serial 1 is marketing them (specifically the Mosh/Cty) as “the ultimate urban playbike.” Granted, this is only based on a few minutes riding over tree roots and wet leaves in Prospect Park, but the Rush/Cty Speed was nimble and handled better than expected. That said, I don’t expect to be popping wheelies anytime soon like the actor in the Serial 1-produced promo video — at least not right away.

Popular Science

Of the two platforms, I preferred the Rush/Cty line—it’s the one geared most toward urban commuting, and is built with a little more stability when going fast than the Mosh/Cty. Plus, it comes with that step-through option. At 2.4-inches wide, the tires are a little skinnier than 2.8-inchers on the Mosh/Cty.

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