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  • Motor: The lightweight, mid-mounted Brose S MAG motor features a brushless internal rotor and produces 90Nm/66 ft. lb. torque, plenty of power assistance to provide a quick launch from a standing start and to give the rider the ability to conquer challenging hills.
  • Belt: The Gates™ carbon-fiber belt drive is smooth, quiet, and maintenance-free; it requires none of the frequent lubrication or adjustment of a traditional chain-drive system.
  • Hub: The fully enclosed, maintenance-free Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent automatic transmission is an electronically controlled CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) rear hub that automatically adjusts the gear ratio to maintain the rider’s optimal, personalized pedaling cadence as terrain or speed changes.
Battery System
  • Battery: The RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU is equipped with an integrated, 529Wh lithium-ion battery that can be quickly removed from the frame without tools. The battery locks into the the frame for enhanced security.
  • Range: The integrated, removable, 529Wh lithium-ion battery delivers a real-world range of 30-90 miles, depending on ride-mode selection, terrain, and how much pedal input the rider supplies.
  • Charging: The lithium-ion battery can be charged on-the-bike through a charging port conveniently located on the frame downtube, or easily removed for off-the-bike charging. Charge times are as follows: 0-100% = 4.75hrs; 0-75% = 2.6hrs.
  • Braking: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes utilize four-piston calipers and 203 x 2.3mm heavy-duty brake rotors designed to deliver confident braking performance in most riding conditions. This is essential for faster-moving eBicycles and all-weather commuting.
  • Wheels & Tires: Wheels consist of 27.5 x 35mm alloy rims laced with stainless-steel spokes and fit with high-volume, 2.4-inch diameter Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires. The result is a perfect combination of low rolling resistance, ample shock absorption, and responsive, predictable handling.
  • Fenders & Racks: Front and rear fenders protect the rider from wheel spray when riding in wet or dirty conditions. Front and rear cargo racks increase utility and practicality, providing a convenient way to carry small loads.
  • Lighting: A bright LED headlamp mounted on the handlebar stem illuminates the path ahead and can make the rider more conspicuous after dark. Bright combination LED tail and brake lights integrated into the frame dropouts are designed to make the bike more visible from the rear. A distinctive LED front signature light illuminates whenever the eBicycle is powered up.
  • Ride Modes: Eco Mode for a gentle amount of assistance in flat-and-favorable conditions.Tour Mode for the optimal blend of assistance and battery economy under mixed riding conditions.
    Sport Mode for pronounced assistance away from corners or over rolling hills.
    Boost Mode for confronting a steep hill, a strong headwind, or any other condition requiring a sustained boost."
  • Glove Box: A compartment in the RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU downtube provides a convenient place to stow a lock or other small items you might wish to take along for the ride. The glove box has been specially designed to fit the ABUS BORDO family of premium, secure locks.
Fit & Finish
  • Sizing: Frame geometry is optimized for each frame size to maintain a comfortable riding position and consistent handling across all rider sizes, regardless of rider height. The desired riding posture for the city bikes is upright to maximize comfort and awareness of the rider’s surroundings. Both the frame geometry and contact points were evaluated, to make sure that our size range is well suited to nearly every customer.
  • Integration: Brake lines and electrical wiring are routed through the frame, promoting longer life and less maintenance through protection from the elements and clean, snag-free styling.
  • Styling: Contemporary design touches like the sleek, integrated battery, the elevated chainstays, and the mass-centralized motor position all mark the beauty, craftsmanship and emotional connection inspired by Harley-Davidson.


Hydroformed aluminum, welded construction, internal routing

Gloss White/Matte Gold/Matte
Black Gloss Black/Matte Black


S, M, L



Brose S Mag, brushless internal rotor, mid-drive mounting

Maximum Assistance Speed
20 mph (US)/25 kph (EU)

250W (continuous rated power)

Brose Allround LCD color display

90Nm/66 ft. lb.

Ride Modes
Eco, Tour, Sport, Boost



529 Wh, integrated, removable

30-90 miles - depends on mode and terrain

Charge Time
0-75% charge = 2.6hrs
75-100% charge = 2.15hrs



Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent auto-shifting CVT hub

Final Drive
Gates Carbon Drive belt



27.5 x 35mm alloy rims and Sapim stainless steel spokes

Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.4-inch

Hydraulic four-piston disc brakes front and rear, 203mm x 2.3mm "heavy-duty" rotors

Integrated front & rear racks, 10kg capacity each

Integrated front & rear, full coverage

Rear-mounted, adjustable length


Front Light

LED Headlight

Rear Light
Integrated LED tailights with brake light

Signature Light
Illuminated headtube light



59.5 lbs/27 kg (Size Medium)

Weight Limits
This bike has a total maximum weight limit of 280 lbs (128 kg) – combined weight of bicycle, rider and cargo.
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