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Pretty strong upgraded offerings from Specialized was just announced. Their new Turbo Vado and Como electric bikes have a similar powertrain as Serial1. I think the design of Serial1 is still cleaner, but their styling isn't too bad. Where it jumps ahead is with the integrated control unit with a master lock to shut off the motor and alarm system. You can also access tuning settings and to top it off, they included Garmin's radar system which shows approaching cars as they pass from behind. Also has a suspension seat post and front suspension. Seems like a more complete and mature system for the same top end price as Serial1. I'm definitely envious as I'm waiting for my Serial1 Rush/City Speed order to arrive. I'm thinking of adding the Garmin Varia and alarm as they've done. It'll just be piecemealed together. Considered returning my order when it arrived and buying the Vado, but they won't be available until 2022 with the Enviolo drivetrain. I hope this pushes Serial1 to step up their game and provide a more seamless experience when they release their own app.

Specialized’s next-generation Turbo e-bikes are basically computers on wheels

Bicycle Wheel Plant Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset

Bicycle Wheel Tire Plant Crankset

Integrated control unit.
Bicycle Tire Bicycle wheel Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies

Front and Seat Suspension - But more wires sticking out than Serial1
Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle frame Land vehicle Tire

Garmin Varia Radar System
Tire Bicycle Wheel Bicycle wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies
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